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White Sage Cedar Shower Gel


The refreshing scent of white sage revitalizes body and mind and gives the skin natural freshness and hydration. Mild and moisturizing cleansing agents gently cleanse the skin without drying it out. At the same time, the woody-spicy note of cedar wood reactivates the senses and brings a special freshness kick into daily shower care.

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All Natural, without additives

  • No animal testing
  • No paraffins
  • No silicones
  • No other mineral oil-based ingredients

Ingredients & Properties

White Sage

Has been extensively used by indigenous people in healing and health ceremonies. The refreshing aroma captivates the senses and revives the body and spirit due to its aromatic, resinous and warm herb scent.

Natural glycerin

Minimizes the feeling of tension, which often occurs after showering when the skin is particularly dry. Additionally, it moisturizes the skin and helps protect the skin barrier, as part of the natural moisturizing factor of skin. Natural glycerin is also known for its nourishing effect in natural cosmetics.


  • Water
  • organic soya oil
  • triglycerides (vegetable oil mixture)
  • vegetable glycerin
  • organic alcohol
  • glycerol fatty acid ester
  • cetearyl alcohol
  • organic jojoba oil
  • organic sesame oil
  • mixtures of fatty acids + mono- / diglycerides
  • organic shea butter
  • isoamyl laurate (vegetable oil mixture)
  • organic acids from sugar cane and basil
  • monoester of glycerin with caprylic acid
  • xanthan
  • bioactive acid from rice
  • citric acid
  • lecithin
  • vitamin E
  • organic sunflower oil
  • etheric oil mixture.


  • Revitalizing body and soul.
  • Leaves the skin beautifully soft.
  • Provides long-lasting moisture.
  • Zesty white sage fragrance revives the senses.


AQUA (WATER), COCO-GLUCOSIDE (PLANT), SODIUM COCO-SULFATE (PLANT), Lauryl Glucoside (PLANT), GLYCERIN (PLANT) PERFUME (FRAGRANCE) (PLANT) **, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (PLANT), SODIUM Levulinate (PLANT), sodium cocoyl glutamate (PLANT) HYDROGENATED LECITHIN (PLANT), SODIUM anisates (PLANT), Glyceryl Oleate (PLANT) Sodium Phytate (PLANT) ALCOHOL (PLANT), tocopherol (PLANT), Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Citrate ( PLANT), CITRIC ACID (PLANT), LEMON (PLANT) **, LINALOOL (PLANT) **, GERANIOL (PLANT) ** ** Perfume oil ingredient. Our perfume oils are 100% natural essential oils.


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