Stop the Water While Using Me!

Travel Kit


The best gift set ever! “EVERY BODY needs LOVE!” is a six (6) piece head-to-toe gift set in a versatile drawstring travel bag from Stop The Water While Using Me! This is an all-natural, earth and community minded collection blending organic ingredients and essential oils to create wonderfully nourishing luxurious bodycare and hair products!  Perfect opportunity to try a variety of complimentary scents!

100% biodegradable, refillable and with a mission behind the name to encourage everyone to think about their water consumption. Consider making a few minor changes every day as you can make a BIG difference.

*Stop The Water While Using Me! supports initiatives all over the world for conserving water and supplying drinking water where it is needed most with our Good Water Projects.

6 products in 4 scents, all in 2 oz / 60 mL sizes:

Lemon Honey Liquid Hand & Body Soapclean, refresh and gently exfoliate with organic acacia honey contains enzymes and amino acids that leave the skin velvety smooth as the Lemon extract has a reviving effect thanks to its fruit acids.

Cucumber Lime Hand Balm – nourish and help heal those hands of yours. Shea butter & Jojoba oil help replace lost oils, regulate moisture levels and calm the skin against further moisture loss. Cucumber extract leaves tired, dry skin feeling hydrated. Rose water has a hydrating and smoothing effect.

Orange Wild Herbs Body Lotion – fast absorbing, rich and energizing care for every skin type. Shea butter & Jojoba oil help replace lost oils, regulate moisture levels and calm the skin against further moisture loss. Soybean oil provides intense hydration and moisture.

Orange Wild Herbs Shower Gel with the triple power of Orange Blossom: nourishing, calming and cleansing makes this particularly suitable for sensitive, mature, tired or dry skin. Lemon balm water soothes irritated skin and has an anti-inflammatory

Lavender Sandalwood Regenerating Shampoo - Specially formulated for dry, damaged hair has an antibacterial effect from the Sandalwood providing moisture and stimulates circulation in the scalp. Lavender calms the hair and lends it strength and shine. The combination of nourishing lipids and wheat proteins reduces the force required to comb the hair by 62%.

Lavender Sandalwood Regenerating Conditioner – Specially formulated for dry, damaged hair. Coconut oil contains B vitamins and mineral salts, which provide hydration and help soothe a dry scalp. Lavender lends strength and shine to brittle hair that is prone to splitting.

    All Natural, without additives

    • No animal testing
    • No paraffins
    • No silicones
    • No other mineral oil-based ingredients

    STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! haircare products: key facts

    Conventional haircare products usually use silicone, which leaves the hair looking healthy, soft and shiny. However, the layer of silicone on the surface of the hair prevents the absorption of beneficial ingredients. What is more, silicones are not biodegradable. Our haircare range is completely free from silicones. Instead we only use high-quality, nourishing, natural ingredients such as wheat protein and coconut oil that protect the hair and strengthen it from within.

    It is a well-known fact that switching from conventional haircare products to organic cosmetic products can involve a transition phase of up to six washes, depending on the structure of the hair. The silicone layer that has built up on the hair must be washed out completely in order for the organic haircare products to take effect properly.


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