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Carter + Jane love the smell of the beach so much, they decided to bottle it and create the Beach House aroma.

Beach House takes you on a journey back to the place where your most cherished memories were created.

The minute you arrive, you take off running out the door through the sand, as fast as you can, until the water tickles your toes! And when the sun starts to go down, you walk back, covered in a mixture of sand, sea and lotion.

Before entering through the old screen door, you pause…taking it all in, so you never forget this feeling of serenity.

Topnote: Coconut

Middle note: Vanilla

Base note: Sandalwood 

Available in:

Body Oil 4 oz. / 120 ml  

Aroma 5 ml rollerball

Oil Butter 4 oz / 120 ml

The Everything Soap 4 oz / 120 ml

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