Why we do what we do.

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Water is our most precious resource. Three quarters of the earth's surface is water, yet only 0.3% is drinkable. Because every person has the right to clean drinking water, we want to use it sparingly. And make sure that it stays clean. 


Save water. Protect Water.

If you listen to our appeal, you can save water daily. In fact, you can save up to an estimated 70% per household. But because it makes little sense to save water while polluting it at the same time, our products are purely natural, from predominantly organic farming, without parabens, silicones and synthetic ingredients. This way, the natural water cycle is not burdened, and you can save and protect at the same time.


Save water. Donate water.

Each of our products makes the world a little better. Part of the proceeds goes to our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative, bringing clean drinking water to areas where it is in short supply.  Through the initiative, we have built fog nets in Tanzania, which turned fog into drinking water for schoolchildren. We have supported the LifeStraw project in Kenya and built a water kiosk in Madagascar. All local, self-help based projects. And because we are not experts ourselves, we have chosen to work closely with NGOs with local expertise on all of our projects.


"Water can't stop itself. But you can."

Six reasons to take care of nature. And yourself.

Natural Care

Our products contain only high quality essences and oils from nature. Free of parabens, silicones and artificial additives. Caring, wonderfully fragrant and unisex, of course.


With our products, nothing but pure nature will flow back into the water cycle from your bath or kitchen.


Whether regenerating or revitalizing: our products produce their individual effect quickly and sustainably.


Protecting the environment, saving money: All our pump dispensers are recyclable and can be refilled in no time with the easy-to-use Refill Packs.

Certified Standards

Everything that goes into our cosmetics is 100% natural and meets the highest standards of certified natural cosmetics.

Our Committment

Each of our products is a reminder to be mindful of our water usage. And every purchase supports our sustainability initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS.


Local partners crafting a global product.

Sustainability starts at production. That is why we develop our products with small factories in Germany. Many of the ingredients come from organic farming projects around the world.

This is us.

We at STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! are not only connected by our common mission for water preservation, but also a passion for design, beauty and the good in the world. Maybe that's why our office is located on the canals of the historic Speicherstadt in Hamburg. In the past, spices, coffee and carpets were stored everywhere in our building. Today, it is where our message is sent into the world.

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