This is the reformulation of our cult classic that you have been asking for. May we introduce you to your newly re-inspired daily SPF? What has changed?

This all-mineral facial sunscreen now contains 25% zinc oxide as its active ingredient. Its whipped texture applies like a cloud - a creamy and airy lotion that absorbs into a beautiful and glowy demi-matte finish. It applies transparently to all skin tones. All of them, with minimal rubbing and blending. It also provides the perfect amount of lightweight hydration.

Created under the guidance of a dermatologist - this formula meets the most stringent clean beauty standards. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance free and free from essential oils. There is no need to compromise when choosing a daily SPF option. Aesthetics, performance , effectiveness and safety - you CAN have it all.

Size: 50 mL


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