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Introducing The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine...for our beauties who love our original award-winning, The Everything Oil™, but prefer a sweeter, citrus aroma to an earthy one.

Our rare organic oil is unrefined and the scent is a cross between a dreamsicle and a freshly peeled clementine on a warm summers day...practically angelic. 

The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine is a revolutionary skincare product that replaces all other products in your skincare routine (use as your eye, face, lip, neck & décolletage serum and moisturizer, both day & night). *We highly recommend the use of sunscreen following a.m. application of the oil.

1.0 oz. Full Size OR 12 ml Travel Size

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  • Diminishes the look of aging
  • Visibly brightens, minimizes pores
  • Hydrates and softens skin
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots, acne scarring, under-eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases radiance, gives a luminous glow to all skin types

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        • Prickly Pear Seed Oil - hydrates and normalizes skin in every way
        • Avocado Oil - moisturizes, reduces inflammation, healing
        • Sweet Almond oil - softens, smooths, moisturizes, healing
        • Aloe Vera - antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, treats burns, acne and dry skin
        • Mandarin Oil - high vitamins and antioxidants, revives the complexion
        • Grapefruit Oil - balances oil production, helps to heal acne

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        HOW TO USE

        For best results, use twice daily on cleansed skin. Apply several drops to palms and press into face, eye area, lips, neck and décolletage. Use any remaining oil on your palms and apply on your hair’s mid-shaft and ends. There is no need to use any other products as The Everything Oil™ does it all!

        However, if you aren’t ready to part with your existing skincare routine, add The Everything Oil™ into your regime and experience the transformative powers yourself. Our lightweight powerhouse increases efficacy of most other products and absorbs quickly, leaving skin glowing, hydrated, healthy and happy!


        organic prickly pear seed oil, A3 Concentrate™ (organic avocado oil + organic sweet almond oil + organic aloe vera), and our proprietary organic essential oil blend including: mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit and bergamot

        Carter + Jane products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, cold-pressed, organic and formulated without water, alcohol or silicone. Not tested on animals. 


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