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Be sure to order your kit once you've completed the quiz. You'll receive a 3-6 product twice daily regimen, a 1-2 product twice weekly regimen, and some lifestyle products. You'll also get a counter card with instructions and a personal email telling you why we chose these products for you, and detailed usage instructions. 

 When I owned my spa, and after that when I represented skincare lines and trained estheticians, I had a philosophy:

Make sure your product works for someone before you have them open a whole bottle.
Because let's face it, good quality skincare is expensive, so it's good to know if it's right for you first. No one wants to end up with a counter full of unused product. (I know - you should see my counter! Because I try everything!)
You are unique! What works for your best friend or even your esthetician may not work for you. Skincare can be so complicated, right?! So we wanted to take the guesswork out of your skincare.
We call it our Personal Regimen Program. 


Here's how it works - 5 Simple Steps:

1. Personal Assessment - you take a little skin care quiz that tells us about your skin, your lifestyle, your budget and your current regimen.

2. Understanding - If we have questions about your answers, we'll reach out to you. We really want to understand you, your priorities, and skin care needs.

3. Top  Quality Samples - Then we'll send you a sample regimen of 3-6 twice daily products, 1-2 twice weekly products, and a few lifestyle products or things we think you need based on your answers, that will last you a few days.

4. Decide and Enjoy! - And you can decide which products you want to have on your shelf.

5. Special Discounts and Offers - There is a small charge for the service - just $10 (plus shipping) - but you'll get a $10 gift certificate to use when you purchase a full sized product. Plus, you'll get special discounts and offers custom tailored to you! 

6. Just so you know, it take a couple days to put your regimen together. Once we've decided on it, we use it ourselves for a day or two just to make sure everything works well together. We appreciate your patience!


Let's Get Started!

1. Click here to take your skin quiz.

2. Click the link in the Thank You message to add your Personal Regimen Program to your cart, and check out.

3. We will hand select your sample regimen and send it to you.

(We may contact you if we have questions so please make sure we have a good email address on the quiz.)

4. Check your email - If you decide to purchase a full sized product, simply use the gift card mailed to you to take $10 off your first order. (Limit one use per customer.)