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BRAND | Chemist Confessions

Chemist Confessions is centered around the simple belief that good skincare is rooted in sound science that's fun and approachable for all.


Gloria & Victoria met while working as skincare formulation chemists for an international beauty conglomerate. As cubicle buddies with the same (terrible) sense of humor, they became fast friends. 

And they shared similar frustrations about the beauty industry. Eventually they left their corporate roles and started the skincare science blog, Chemist Confessions. But they were unsure whether anyone wanted to hear the chemist's perspective.

They got lots of encouragement and traction from their earliest followers. So they decided to take it one step further and create a skincare line as a full-time endeavor.

"After all, a chemist feels a little empty when they can't formulate."

As an educational platform and a skincare line, their mission is to:

  • Empower their consumers with approachable science education. They're making skin science fun! And understandable for all.
  • Provide user-friendly skincare solutions to help their customers own their routine. Ultimately, they want to solve the gaps in the skincare landscape.

If you're a lost beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, they can help you put some logic to your skincare journey. 

We love them! And we think you will too.

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