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Ellis left this world, so we have to hold on to our many wonderful memories of her. We also have the immense legacy she left behind – the stacks of visuals she created as a makeup artist and photographer, and of course the products of her ELLIS FAAS brand. Everything oozes Ellis’ ultimate wish to inspire others. That inspiration is lasting and makes Ellis unforgettable.

Ellis loved each and every product and shade she created, and hoped that others would browse the range like being in a candy store, trying things out and then deciding what to choose and how to use it. But there were some products she had a soft spot for, and these are the products included in this special edition set:

– Creamy Lips L101 – the blood-red “Ellis Red” that is the core of Ellis’ Human Colours concept
– Creamy Eyes E105 – the magical eyeshadow Ellis was so proud of, in a shade she frequently used herself
– Light E303 – Ellis created metallic highlights to be used with (or without) the Creamy Eyes. This is the bronze Light
– Mascara E401 – Ellis wanted a no-frills, no-nonsense mascara, and simply made the best mascara she could think of

These four products are packed into a golden sleeve, put into a giftbox that also contains four Ellis Clips and postcards with a portrait of Ellis and six visuals she created.

THE UNFORGETTABLE COLLECTION Sale price$100.00 Regular price$138.00