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Article: Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Welcome to Indie Beauty Market! This place is the vision of two decades-long friends, Susie Kuse and Dan Eysie. We saw the emergence of the green beauty movement and loved it.  We thought that with Susie's expertise in skincare, Dan's in healthcare, and both in business, we could create a platform that would help connect eco-conscious beauty consumers with green beauty brands in a meaningful way. 

So we lovingly source and curate the most effective natural and organic skincare and beauty brands. Then we use a personalized approach to get to know you.

We love to help you find exactly the right products for your particular skin, budget and lifestyle. We consider these to be the three pillars of your skincare regimen. It won't help you at all if we recommend a product that may be right for your skin, but way out of your budget and requires more time than you devote to your self care all week!

We guide and nurture you to a new level of self care. One that works with your personal three pillars. With radiant, clear skin, you can achieve an incredible sense of confidence. And people notice - because there’s nothing more attractive than confidence. 

When Susie owned a spa, aside from treating everyone like family, she had a philosophy:

Make sure your product works for someone before you have them open a whole bottle.

Because let's face it, good quality skincare is expensive, so it's good to know if it's right for you first. No one wants to end up with a counter full of unused product. (I know - you should see my counter! Because I try everything!)

You are unique! What works for your best friend or even your esthetician may not work for you. Skincare can be so complicated, right?! So we wanted to take the guesswork out of your skincare.

We call it our Personal Regimen Program. 

Here's how it works - 5 Simple Steps:

1. Personal Assessment - you take a little skin care quiz that tells us about your skin, your lifestyle and your current regimen.

2. Understanding - If we have questions about your answers, we'll reach out to you. We really want to understand you, your priorities, and skin care needs.

3. Top  Quality Samples - Then we'll send you a sample regimen of 4-6 products that will last you a few days.

4. Decide and Enjoy! - And you can decide which products you want to have on your shelf.

5. Special Discounts and Offers - There is a small charge for the service - just $10 (and FREE shipping) - but you'll get the $10 back when you purchase a full sized product. Plus, you'll get special discounts and offers custom tailored to you! 


Feel free to roam around. Check out our shop. Learn about our brands. Or take our skin quiz and get started on a personal regimen for yourself. 

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