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"This is such a great eye cream! It’s hydrating, nourishing, and soothing. Highly recommend!!" - rfsiegel (verified owner) 


Like the sweet song of the O’o bird, Birdsong Eye Remedy will make you sing a tune of joy when you see the quick results of this antioxidant-rich, miracle eye corrector infused with O’o Hawaii’s exclusive Hawaiian superfood blend.

With high-performance ingredients that reduce puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, increase radiance and firmness, the additional infusion of rose quartz crystals that promote healing send this ultra-concentrated eye cream to ahhhmazing status.

15 ml / 0.5 oz   Aroma: Fresh Cucumber & Island Pikake (Jasmine)


Serums And Gels - O'o Hawaii Birdsong Eye Remedy
BIRDSONG EYE REMEDY Sale price$65.00