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“I can honestly say I have never seen my skin more clear, clean, and it has never felt softer. I have had about a 95% reduction in breakouts...If you are on the fence & are tired of failed products, I would strongly recommend trying this discovery set for a start”

— Meow

The perfect way to experience The Wildness' most popular products - treat yourself or gift to someone special.

Full size set is 15% off: $111 value + free wristlet/makeup bag

The Originals Discovery Set includes:

Rebirth Body Butter: Botanical anti-inflammatory formula moisturizes, softens, minimizes bumps and repairs skin. Suitable for sensitive, normal, dry, keratosis pilaris-prone and eczema-prone skin.
Full: 4oz 

Bio Face Serum: 100% natural, non-comedogenic face serum that works to restore skin barrier, reduce the appearance of fine lines, protect against free radicals and promote skin cell renewal for younger, healthier-looking skin.
Full: 15mL 

Rescue Balm - OriginalSalve, ointment, unguent, raw lotion - whatever you call it, this balm is packed with 18 reparative botanicals to soothe damaged and inflamed skin and protect it while it heals.
Full: 1oz 

Note: There is NO CBD or THC in this product.

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