International #1 Best Selling Book - paperback edition. 

Your Beauty Advocate: A No-Nonsense Guide to Age-Defying Skincare Products and Procedures  by Christy Hall - PA-C, MPAS

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


- KC Coyle on Jul 08, 2020

Beauty industry overwhelm is REAL.

And as time marches on, many of us wonder which options are available to achieve a more timeless and vibrant look to our skin. In a seemingly endless world of “miracle” creams and ever trendy aesthetic procedures, you may find yourself asking “what really works and what doesn’t?”.

This is where Christy Hall, PA-C, MPAS, leading expert in skincare and aesthetic medicine steps in as your beauty advocate. Christy brings real world advise and straight talk to an industry that can be anything but transparent. She empowers you to write your own story on how you want to work with the aging process, 

She demystifies HOW your skin works and illuminates the different phases of aging. You'll begin to form a pathway forward based on your personal goals and educated expectations.

Skin health is the absolute backbone of this guidebook. From nutrition to topical procedures, you will find incredible advice for a variety of skin conditions that accompany us through the different phases of life.

It’s time to stop wasting money and build confidence by learning which skincare products and procedures work... and which don't. It’s time to learn why skincare ingredients matter, and why skin rejuvenation lasers and lights are invaluable. And for those interested, it's time to learn why injectable dermal fillers and neurotoxins can be your best aesthetic investment yet.

Priorities are important when creating a more timeless look, so it is vital to invest in yourself wisely. Let Your Beauty Advocate be your ally in creating the best skin of your life!


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